Rava or sooji: 1 cup
Baking soda: 1 pinch
Onions: ½ cup (Fine chopped)
Coriander leaves: handful (Fine chopped)
Curry leaves: 8-10 (Fine chopped)
Fine chopped green chilly: 2
Jeera – 1 teaspoon
Curd – 2 teaspoons
Oil for frying

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How to make Rava pakoda

. In a mixing bowl take sooji, onions, coriander,curry leaves, green chillies, baking soda, curd, jeera and salt.
. Mix them well and add little water at a time and make a thick batter.
. Keep the batter for 20 minutes.
. Now heat the oil in kadai or pan at medium heat.
. Check the consistency of batter if its too thick add little water.
. Mix the sooji/ rava batter thoroughly for 2-3 minutes so that mixture becomes fluffy.
. Drop small size poakodas in hot oil.
. Let them cook for few minutes.
. Once they become fluffy and little brown turn them over.
. Cook them from both side till they become brown and crisp from both the sides.
. Crispy sooji pakora or rawa pakora is ready to serve.
. Serve sooji/Rava pakoda with green chutney or tomato sause.




Boiled potato: 2-3 (medium size)
Bread crumbs: 1 cup
Fine chopped onions: ¼ cup
Fine chopped coriander leaves: 2-3 tbsp
Ginger garlic paste: 1 tbsp
Red chilly powder: ¼ tsp
Coriander powder: 1 tsp
Amchur powder or lemon juice: ½ tsp (optional)
Salt to taste
All purpose flour (maida): 2 tbsp
Oil for deep frying

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How to make Crispy Potatos Balls:

. In a small bowl take all purpose flour and add little water at a time and make smooth slurry (watery mixture) and keep it aside.
. In a small plate take bread crumbs and keep it aside.
. In a mixing bowl grate boiled potato.
. Add onions,coriander leaves,bread crumbs,ginger garlic paste,red chilly powder,coriander powder, amchur powder and salt.
. Mix them nicely and make small size balls out of it.
. Make smooth and crack free balls.
. Now heat the oil at medium heat.
. Once you are ready to fry take potato balls dip them in slurry.
. Take them out and roll them in bread crumbs.
. Now roll each ball between your palms so that bread crumbs sticks properly and don’t come out while frying.
. Fry them till they are golden brown.
. Serve hot potato balls with tomato sause or ketchup.




½ cup sugar
3 Cardamom
2 Cups Maida
2 teaspoon ghee
a big pinch of salt
a big pinch of baking soda
Little Flour for dusting
Oil for deep frying

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How to make maida sweet biscuits

. Grind the sugar and the cardamom in a small mixie / grinder to a smooth powder. Set aside.
. Mix in the Maida (All purpose flour), sugar mixture, a big pinch of salt and a big pinch of baking soda. Add in 2 teaspoon of ghee.
. Combine well with your fingers to make sure the ghee is evenly mixed.
. Start adding water. Add very little at a time. Make a very stiff dough. Make 8 balls out of the dough. Set aside.
. Dust the dough ball in maida generously and roll each dough ball into a flat circle. Don’t roll it too thin. Roll it a little thicker than chapati.
. Cut the circle into little diamonds with the help of a pie cutter or a knife.
. Heat oil in a pan in medium flame. Gently add in the diamond cuts to the oil. Fry on low medium flame until golden.
. Drain the biscuits on paper towels.
. Sprinkle powdered sugar cardamom mixture toss gently & let it cool then store it in an airtight container use with in 5 days




4-5 Bread Slices
1cup Gram Flour (Besan)
1/4th tsp turmeric powder
Salt to taste
1/2 tsp Ajwain
Red chili powder to taste
1/4th tsp Garam Masala powder
Water for batter
Oil for frying

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How to make bread pakora

. Cut Bread slices into desired shapes (like triangle, rectangle etc.)
. In a bowl add gram flour salt, chili powder, garam masala, ajwain and mix it.
. Now by pouring little water at a time make a smooth batter (neither too thick nor too lose)
. Heat oil in a kadhai.
. Dip bread piece in the batter and fry till crisp on medium flame.
. Serve bread pakora hot with green chutney and tomato sauce.

bread pakora


1/4th cup blanched Almond (Badam)
2 cup Milk (Doodh)
1/4 tsp Cardamom seeds
3 tblsp Honey (Shahad)

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How to make almond honey milk

. Place the nuts in a blender and process until finely chopped.
. Add 2/3 cup mil and process until smooth paste.
. Pour the milk into a heavy-bottomed pan and whisk the remaining milk.
. Place the milk over moderately high heat and, stirring constantly, bring it to full boil.
. Remove the pan from the heat, add cardamom seeds.
. Place the pan over high heat and bring to boil.
. Remove the pan from the heat and add honey.
. Again place the pan over heat and bring the milk to just boiling point, pour it the strainer resting over a pan.
. Pour the milk back and forth from one pan to another for at least a minute or until frothy.
. Pour into warmed mugs and serve at once.

almond honey milk
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