1 cup unsalted shelled dry roasted peanuts
¾ cup Jaggery
½ cup water
Ghee to grease the flat plate or surface

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How to make peanut chikki

. Dry roast the peanuts, remove the skin, split into halves and keep it ready. You can buy the roasted unsalted peanuts too.
. Melt the jaggery with water and clean it .
. Take the cleaned jaggery syrup in a thick bottom pan. Heat it on medium low heat.
. Stir it continuously until you get the thread consistency .
. Turn off the heat and add the roasted peanuts.
. Mix it well and immediately transfer it onto the ghee greases flat plate. Spread it evenly.
. Grease the rolling pin and roll the peanut chikki.
. Grease the knife and cut the chikki into desired shape and size.


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