½ pound about 250 to 300 grams of boneless chicken
2 tbsps. corn flour
1 large egg
1 cup bread crumbs or crumbled corn flakes or coarsely powdered oats
Salt to taste
¼ tsp. Turmeric (optional, kills germs)
Oil for deep frying
½ tsp. Garlic powder (or ¾ tsp ginger garlic paste)
¼ tsp. black pepper
½ tsp. onion powder
Fat Pinch of garam masala
½ tsp. red chili powder or paprika or cayenne pepper

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How to make chicken popcorn

. Cut chicken to tiny bite sized pieces. Wash it under running water and drain off water completely.
. Add paprika/red chili powder, pepper powder, ginger garlic or garlic powder, masala or dried herbs, salt and mix well.
. Add the egg and corn flour. Mix everything everything well.
. Pour the bread crumbs. Mix well and set these aside for about 5 minutes. You can also pick up each piece and roll in bread crumbs. Rest for 10 to15 mins for the bread to stick well.
. Heat oil and deep fry evenly till golden. Keep stirring for even frying.
. Drain chicken popcorn on a kitchen tissue and serve hot with ketchup.

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