½ cup tiny cubes of carrots/ gajar
salt as needed
2 to 3 tbsp. oil (adjust)
2 tbsp ginger or garlic finely chopped
⅛ tsp turmeric/ haldi
¼ tsp methi seeds (2 generous pinches powder)
2 tsp mustard seeds or 1 tsp mustard powder (refer notes)
2 tsp red chili powder (adjust as needed)
¾ tbsp lemon juice (adjust)

NOTE:  I have used 240 ml cup

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How to make carrot pickle recipe

. Dry roast methi seeds, switch off the stove and add mustard. Cool them and powder.
. Please refer the step by step instructions above to prepare carrot and ginger or garlic.
. Heat the oil. Add chopped carrots, ginger and toss. Off the stove.
. Add the rest of the ingredients except lemon juice and mix well.
. Cool it and then add lemon juice.
. Store carrot pickle in a clean, dry airtight glass jar.


. Few variety mustard taste and smell very pungent, to adjust that add more chili powder, a bit more of lemon juice and oil.

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