2 banana
1 ¼ cups milk or vegan milk or ice cream(refer instructions)
¾ to 1 tbsp. Cocoa powder or unsweetened dark chocolate as needed
1 tbsp. sugar or coconut sugar or palm jaggery or any sweetener (use as needed)

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How to make banana chocolate milkshake

. Add all the ingredients and blend together till smooth. Add more milk to get the desired consistency.
. If using jaggery, first melt powdered jaggery in milk and filter to remove impurities. Blend all the ingredients together
. To make nut milk: To make nut milk, soak nuts for few hours and blend them with little water till it becomes smooth.
. Add rest of the ingredients to blender jar and blend.
. To make oat milk. Dry roast oats till they smell good. Soak for few hours and blend with water to make oat milk. Then add banana and the other ingredients and blend till smooth.


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