250 grams of prawns / royyalu
2 medium sized onions chopped finely
1 green chili slit or chopped
1 sprig curry leaves
¼ tsp cumin / jeera
Salt to taste
Generous Pinch of turmeric
½ tsp. ginger garlic paste, + ½ tsp. for marination
¼ tsp red chili powder, + ¼ tsp. for marination
1 tbsp. Lemon juice (adjust to suit your taste)
1 tsp. garam masala powder
Coriander leaves few for garnishing
1 ½ tbsp. oil (adjust to suit your taste)

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How to make Prawn Curry

. Clean and wash prawns. Drain water thoroughly, marinate with ½ tsp. ginger garlic paste, ¼ tsp. red chili powder, little salt and lemon juice. Set this aside till you prepare the rest.
. Heat a pan with oil, add cumin, and curry leaves and green chili. Sauté till the curry leaves turn crisp
. Add onions, sprinkle salt and fry till they turn golden, reduce the flame to minimum (sim), continue to fry till they caramelize. Take care not to burn them.
. Add ginger garlic paste and give a quick stir. Since the onions are already caramelized the ginger garlic can get burnt. Take care
. Add the marinated prawns and fry for 2 to 3 mins
. Add the rest of the red chili powder, turmeric and garam masala. Give a good stir and fry for a min
. Sprinkle some water just enough to bring in some moisture for the prawns to get cooked. I used almost 90 ml water.
. Cover and cook on a medium flame till they are completely cooked. I understand them to be cooked when they curl up and turn pink or orange. If there is more water left, you can evaporate by cooking further without a lid
. Garnish with coriander leaves

prawn curry
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