Chicken – 1 lb (boneless, skinless)
Onion – 1 (chopped)
Tomato – 3-4 (chopped)
Cashews/Almonds – 5-6
Ginger garlic paste – 2 tsp
Green chilly – 1 (chopped)
Kasoori Methi – 1/2 tsp + 1/2 tsp
Fresh Cream – 1/4 cup
Chilly powder – 1/2 tsp + 1/4tsp
Corriander cumin powder – 1 tsp + 1/2 tsp
Turmeric powder – 1/4 tsp
Garam masala – 1/4 tsp
Cumin seeds – 1/2 tsp
Cilantro – for garnish
Butter – 2 tblsp
Salt – to taste
Oil – 2 tblsp

How to make Butter Chicken Recie:
. Wash the chicken and cut it into 1 inch thick cubes.
. Apply little salt, chillipowder, corriander powder, kasoori methi and ginger garlic paste. Shallow fry in little oil and keep it aside. You can also put it in skewers and bake it in the oven.
Tip :- To keep things simple, use 2 tblsp of tandoori chicken masala powder instead of all the individual spices (any brand is fine).
. Heat some oil/butter in a pan and saute the onions followed by ginger garlic paste, green chilly and tomatoes.
. When all these are nicely sauteed, remove from stove and let it cool a bit.
. After it is cool enough to handle, grind everything in a blender/ mixie with the cashew nuts to make a paste.
. Melt the butter in a pan, splutter some cumin seeds. Add this groud mixture and cook it for few minutes until the nuts gets cooked.
. Next add the fried turkey/chicken pieces, with all the dry spices like chilly powder, corriander powder, turmeric powder, kasoori methi, garam masala and salt.
. Cover and let it cook for 10-15 minutes in medium low flame so the flavours combine nicely.
. Add the heavy cream, mix everything and let it simmer for few minutes.
. Garnish with chopped cilantro or some cream and serve with pulav, naan, roti. It goes well with anything.



butter chicken

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