½ cup sugar
3 Cardamom
2 Cups Maida
2 teaspoon ghee
a big pinch of salt
a big pinch of baking soda
Little Flour for dusting
Oil for deep frying

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How to make maida sweet biscuits

. Grind the sugar and the cardamom in a small mixie / grinder to a smooth powder. Set aside.
. Mix in the Maida (All purpose flour), sugar mixture, a big pinch of salt and a big pinch of baking soda. Add in 2 teaspoon of ghee.
. Combine well with your fingers to make sure the ghee is evenly mixed.
. Start adding water. Add very little at a time. Make a very stiff dough. Make 8 balls out of the dough. Set aside.
. Dust the dough ball in maida generously and roll each dough ball into a flat circle. Don’t roll it too thin. Roll it a little thicker than chapati.
. Cut the circle into little diamonds with the help of a pie cutter or a knife.
. Heat oil in a pan in medium flame. Gently add in the diamond cuts to the oil. Fry on low medium flame until golden.
. Drain the biscuits on paper towels.
. Sprinkle powdered sugar cardamom mixture toss gently & let it cool then store it in an airtight container use with in 5 days


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