1 cup of foxtail millets (korralu)
1/2 litre milk
honey (or) brown sugar (or) sugar to taste
cardamom(Elaichi) – 4 crushed

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How to make Korrala (Foxtail Millet) Payasam

. Take the millets/korralu on a pan and roast it till raw smell goes off.
. Take the above millets/korralu in a cooker and wash them well.
. Now add three cups of water and cook it well in the cooker till you get three whistles.
. Remove the lid of the cooker after a few minutes,  and then add 1/2 litre milk.
. Boil the mixture duly stirring it well under low flame till the mixture is well cooked.
. Put off  the stove, add roasted cashew, raisins, Cardamom and honey to taste..
. Serve it hot to feel the taste of it.


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